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Senior Portraits:


Nothing is as precious or as important as a senior, and there is an incredible way to let the walls of your home reflect that by turning your favorite high-quality detailed photographs into stunning oil,pastel and watercolor painting masterpieces.Turn your favorite senior photos into stunning works of art with the help of an incredible team of oil painting artists.

Each senior portrait painting is hand painted by an incredible team of portrait artists specializing in highly detailed oil,pastel and watercolor painting. Turning your favorite senior photograph into an incredible senior oil,pastel and watercolor painting is simple, and you will be astounded at the incredible results. The more detailed the photograph, the more perfect your senior portrait painting will be!

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"It is absolutely perfect! I teared up when I saw it. She passed away 11 months ago. The artist captured her expression in her eyes so perfectly! It couldn't be more perfect! Thank You so much!!"

Lori Olson, Wisconsin

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