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The Canarella Family's Photo with Painting

The Canarella Family, California

Our family will enjoy the painting of Duke as a puppy for many years. The artist did a fabulous job on the painting. We are so happy with the whole staff at paintmyphotonow. They did a great job of keeping us informed and the painting was shipped to us in great condition.

Sonja Loyd's Photo with Painting

Sonja Loyd, Texas

Thank you very much for one of the best gifts I have ever given to my sister. My sister sat on the floor holding the painting of our grandparents that you did for me and just cried tears of joy. My family was amazed at the likeness of the painting to my grandparents. I have attached a photo of my sister and I holding the painting.

Gregory S Dalenberg's Photo with Painting

Gregory S Dalenberg, Arizona

When the company I had used before ceased operations I found Paint my photo now. The painting I received exceeded the expectations I had based on the previous paintings. The children looked wonderful, especially the eyes and the hair. Their grandparents loved it!

Patty Matheny's Photo with Painting

Patty Matheny, West Virginia

These were 2 oil paintings that I had you do a few years ago I sent in 5 different photos for both and you guys regroup them in the order that I wanted and they turned out fantastic my mom and mother in law loved them I'm in the process of having another one done for my daughter in-law I'm very pleased with your guys art work you are awesome! !!!

Patty Matheny's Photo with Painting

Patty Matheny, West Virginia

These were 2 oil paintings that I had you do a few years ago I sent in 5 different photos for both and you guys regroup them in the order that I wanted and they turned out fantastic my mom and mother in law loved them I'm in the process of having another one done for my daughter in-law I'm very pleased with your guys art work you are awesome! !!!

Lesley Cyprus's Photo with Painting

Lesley Cyprus, Spitali

I ordered this portrait as a Christmas gift and was absolutely delighted with how it turned out. Our much loved dog was killed in November and this is a wonderful tribute to her. The artist has captured her brilliantly and we are both so happy with it. It now has pride of place on our living room wall and we will certainly recommend you to our friends. We also intend getting another portrait done once we�ve looked out the photographs. Thank you once again for this amazing picture. The whole service from start to finish was very easy and your staff were always helpful. Please pass our special thanks to the artist for doing such an amazing job. Kind regards Lesley

Ian Oliver's Photo with Painting

Ian Oliver, Scotland

I just gave my wife the painting you made of her. She is delighted with it and thinks it is a wonderful Christmas present. I have attached a photo of her standing next to it (just to say thank you and show how happy we are with the painting). Thanks very much, I will recommend you to all my friends.

Becci Harris's Photo with Painting

Becci Harris, Kentucky

I purchased a painted a few months ago for my dad and just gave it to him this weekend. He loved it and said he had to hold back tears. I was very happy with it and am already looking for more pictures to get made into such beautiful paintings. Thank you so much.

Nicky Jacobson's Photo with Painting

Nicky Jacobson, California

I did a photo merge as a surprise for my boyfriend -him as Jesus (inspired by something like it I saw on Modern Family). We LOVE it so much, I mean really love it. It totally looks like him as Jesus. The eyes were really captured well. We're doing another!!!

Rita Lorenzo's Photo with Painting

Rita Lorenzo, New York

I gave the oil painting of our house to my husband for Christmas and I promised to send a photo of him opening it. He loved it. Thanks so much for all your hard work in making this photo beautiful.

Michael Kalman's Photo with Painting

Michael Kalman, Australia

Please see attached is a picture of me standing next to the pet portraits I've bought from you. They are all amazing and I love looking at them when I'm relaxing in my lounge. All my visitors comment on how fabulous they are; they are a real talking point. Thank you!

Anthony Booth's Photo with Painting

Anthony Booth, Derbyshire

The picture was a gift for my wife for our 2nd wedding anniversary. She and everyone else was blown away with how good the picture looks - including our wedding photographer! It took my wife by surprise when she saw it, as her first thought was that it was a framed photograph. The detail on the picture is immaculate and we have been hunting through our photos to see which image we would like to get done next!!

Sharon Thompson's Photo with Painting

Sharon Thompson, Kentucky

I absolutely love my portrait, your artist are the best. they captured his face exactly.Couldn`t be more pleased with the whole process from start to finish. I will definately be back again. Again many thanks and thank the artist who did the painting.

Rebecca Booms's Photo with Painting

Rebecca Booms, Michigan

Here is baby Jack posing in front of his charcoal portrait. I gave this drawing of our son to my husband for his birthday this year. He just loved it! Everytime someone comes over to our house they comment on how beautiful it is. It's something that we will treasure forever. Thank-you so much.

Natalie Taylor's Photo with Painting

Natalie Taylor, Minnesota

My oil painting arrived this week and it is beautiful! Here is Jordan with his painting. I was very pleased. Thank you.

William Zolman's Photo with Painting

William Zolman, Texas

I wanted to let you know how beautiful the painting was that you did of our beloved maltese \"Link\". There is nothing like a quality oil painting to pass down from generation to generation. I have already recommended your service to 4 other people.

Jamie Machinporrata's Photo with Painting

Jamie Machinporrata, New York

I absolutely love it!! I lost my ferret "boo boo" a few months ago. Now everytime i walk into my living room he is there, it brings a big smile to my face. Thank you.

Pamela J Klipp's Photo with Painting

Pamela J Klipp, Maryland

I gave the portrait to my husband as a Father's Day gift. HE LOVED IT! When he saw the portrait it brought tears to his eyes. He said it looks as tho we posed for the painting. He couldn't believe that it was from 3 different pictures. Thank You so much. I have attached a photo of my husband and son holding the portrait.

Matthew Clarke's Photo with Painting

Matthew Clarke, Devon

It's the best I have had and we have had some company paint two of our dogs and the first one was good but second one was rubbish and yours was fantastic. I could have another one done of me and the dog together.

Matthew Clarke's Photo with Painting

Matthew Clarke, Devon

Thanks for a second brilliant painting.

Rajin Chauhan's Photo with Painting

Rajin Chauhan, Florida

I was looking for a special gift that my girlfriend would really appreciate. She loves our cat so I brainstormed about how I could get her a great gift that related to our cat. After I decided on a painting, I did some research and came across www.paintmyphotonow.com. I was quite impressed to say the least. The paintings on this site were more realistic then I could ever imagine a painting to be. I contacted Paint My Photo Now directly to inquire about the process and the customer service I experienced was top notch. I quickly placed an order and within 2 weeks was sent a preview of the painting. If I was not aware that it was a painting, I would've thought that it was a picture; the painting was that realistic. I was so thrilled with the painting and customer service that I already placed another order, and plan to place several more.

Rajin Chauhan's Photo with Painting

Rajin Chauhan, Florida

I purchased a painting from paintmyphotonow.com and was immediately impressed by the quality of the painting That being said, I immediately ordered a second painting. The first painting was of my cat and the second was of two cyclists. Even though the pictures had very different subjects, paintmyphotonow.com did a great job on both paintings. The painting was painted quickly, shipped in superb packaging in a timely manner. I am very happy, and have already ordered a third painting from paintmyphotonow.com.

Anna Bilonozhko's Photo with Painting

Anna Bilonozhko, MB

My husband was very happy and impressed with the portrait. Thank very much for amazing painting. Well done!!!

Jessica Hyson's Photo with Painting

Jessica Hyson, South Australia

I think Monty is pretty impressed with his pencil portrait! Thank you so much for getting it to me by Christmas.

Diana Zdanovich's Photo with Painting

Diana Zdanovich, British Columbia

I can't say enough about how great the buying of my painting and all the chats to get it done perfectley.the sevice was top notch and the painting is unreal!!! Love It AWESOME JOB.

Iris Rosario's Photo with Painting


We had never had a chance to take a family picture with all my siblings and in 2008 my sister pass away making that impossible. thank you for helping us to make this possible and bringing us together in one picture. my mother loves and cherishes the painting.

Brian Fronk's Photo with Painting

Brian Fronk, Pennsylvania

I gave the painting you guys did for me to my girlfriend and she loved it! It was an awesome surprise. Thank you guys so much for the great job you did on it. If I ever need any more portraits done I will be coming back here.

Donald R Flor's Photo with Painting

Donald R Flor, California

The Painting looks great. Thanks to paintmyphotonow for capturing our memories timeless art. This photo was taken 50 years before, you have turned it into a masterpiece. I gifted this to my wife on our anniversary, she was thrilled.

Jay M. Fleming's Photo with Painting

Jay M. Fleming, North Carolina

I first was very pleased with the customer service and followup and promptness, then the quality of the work was fantastic on the oil rendention of my grandparents. So much so, i will be placint an order for 2 more, 1 larger and then i have added them to my bookmark for future use. thank you paintmyphotonow.

Jamie Adams's Photo with Painting

Jamie Adams, Pennsylvania

I love the painting! Thank you so much! I will be back!

Jamie Adams's Photo with Painting

Jamie Adams, Pennsylvania

I did receive the painting. We love it! 2 for 2 on a job well done!

Larry Benet's Photo with Painting

Larry Benet, Virgin Islands

Nice it does not look like a painting but a photo.

Laura Phillips's Photo with Painting

Laura Phillips, Kentucky

Our parents loved their 45th Anniversary gift of their wedding photo. Thank you for helping us give them such a special present.

Fred Lemmerling's Photo with Painting

Fred Lemmerling, New Jersey

I wanted to thank the artist that painted the picture of my dog. They did a wonderful job. The level of detail was exquisite. I could not have asked for anything more. As a matter fact, I ordered a second painting of my sister's dog for Christmas. I can't wait to see her face when she receives this painting. Again, thank you so much.