• Make personaized painting from your own family members images
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Do you want to merge multiple photos for your family portrait painting? our image editors team will help you to merge induvidual family members photos. You can upload multiple images in our online order form and write your instruction or idea of how it should be in final painting. Once we receive your order, our image editors prepare merged photo and send you merged family photo in email to get your approval. Once you approved it, our artist will start handmade painting using merged picture. You can get beautiful family portrait painting from induvidual family members photos.

We provide free photo restoration and repair service for our customers. This service includes

  • Merging multiple photos
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Red eye removal
  • Convert black & white photo into color painting
  • Remove moles, scars and other skin defects
  • Add or remove people from group shots
  • Color corrections
  • Remove dirt, cracks, scratches and stains

I recently purchased an oil painting that you made from 3 different photos and I would just like to say that you did an excellant job, the painting was so perfect and the shipping was amazing,I was really impressed. Great work! THANK YOU

Elizabeth Furtado, Massachusetts

Samples of Merged Photos

Military man and his wife

Two individual pictures

Customer sent two individual pictures. In that, army officer’s photo is black & white; lady photograph is old color. Customer also wanted to change background to ocean blue.

Military couple

Couple portrait

We changed woman picture to look at same direction as army man and combined with new backdrop.

father, mother, sister and brother

Three people & fort

Customer sent three pictures for his family members (son, daughter and wife) and 1 background picture.

Family portrait

Family portrait

We combined with fort background and painted as family portrait.

Army man with wife

Four peoples

Parents wedding photo, mother photo and father's gradutation picture.

Family portrait

Charcoal drawing

Made charcoal drawing from 3 different photographs

Lady feeds her baby

Lady with baby

Requirement was sky background with angel wings on mother's back.

Family portrait

Oil painting

Angel portrait with normal image

Lady sitting grandmother

Lady with baby

Young lady sitting with grandmother

Family portrait

Gift for Grandmother

We have created nice scenery background for this oil painting

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