• Painting from photo a valuable special gift to your family
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Memorial paintings is something designed to preserve the memory of a person, pets, animals, events, etc as a monument.

Memorial Paintings that are basically done from the photo of the person to keep special family memories alive for the ages are unique and may be passed on to generations as it was done on a quality canvas material, which lasts long.

Memorial paintings from photos are perfect memorial photo gifts. Paintings can be done for pet memorials, dog memorials & cat memorials.

Importance of Memorials:

Memorials such as the famous ones for President's Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson that grace our nation's capital - are an important part any culture's history and traditions. Without such memorials, the amazing contributions of legendary historical figures might loose much of their deserved lustre over the years. But large-scale memorials assure that great deeds and great people will never be forgotten.

While it’s often popular to assume that the living put together a memorial, in order to bring joy and comfort - if only metaphysically - to the dead. It is, in fact, the dead who often help bring comfort to the living through the miracle of memorials. Keeping Memories Alive For the Ages: Memorial gifts can take on a variety of forms and styles, and they can come at just about any time, whether it would be just after a death or years later. The tradition of memorial gifts dates back to times that were even ancient for the Ancient Greeks. If we burst forward to the 20th century, we see that memorial gifts are still a noteworthy tradition in Western culture.

It is common, for example, to see coffins adorned with heaps of flowers presented by grieving loved ones, and post-memorial service parties are often attended by gift bearing friends of the deceased. The gifts are usually intended to capture the spirit of the lost loved-one in an attempt to comfort grieving family members.