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Gail Wood

Hello, I have three portrait pictures which I would like painted by the same artist, in oil. I will frame them myself and wondered how oils are delivered, and are they shipped in time for Father's Day? Also, they are on 11x14 printing paper, superb copies, showing everything including freckles. Will you be able to convert these to 20x24? Thank you, Gail Wood (713.922,1968)

Kam Howard

I would like to convert a picture into a painting, please help me

Henning Wollnik

I was wondering if a mix of techniques can be used on a painting. I am thinking about converting a picture of a building into an 8" by 12" painting to put in a frame along with my diploma. I would like it to be painted with a combination of color pen, water color, and ink. Please let me know if that is possible and how it would be priced. Thank you

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Photo Testimonials

Donald R Flor, California Painting

Donald R Flor, California

The Painting looks great. Thanks to paintmyphotonow for capturing our memories timeless art. This photo was taken 50 years before, you have turned it into a masterpiece. I gifted this to my wife on our anniversary, she was thrilled.