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I did receive my photo and am absolutely thrilled with it. It is a Christmas gift for my husband and I can't wait to give it to him - once I frame it I will definitely post a testimonial on your site. Thank you so much

Kathleen Briano, Florida

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I received the painting yesterday and I am very pleased. The attention paid to details is great! I just thought that the sky could have been a softer blue but, other than that minor detail, I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to present it to my son and his wife for their Christmas present. They just recently had their first child a couple of months ago. This will make a nice keepsake for them that this is the home they lived in when their first child was born! I will highly recommend you! Thank you for everything!

Regina Trehy, Connecticut

The painting of my friend's pet was amazingly, stunningly beautiful. The photograph was less than perfect, but that made no difference to the artist whatsoever. This is a beautiful tribute to a family who just lost a treasured pet and one they will always have. Thank you for making this so easy and for giving me a way to memorialize their beloved friend that will always keep him in their hearts. I would recommend your service to anyone and will be using it again soon!

Laura E. Taylor, Georgia

Yes I have received my painting and I am absolutely amazed at the job that was done. Thank you so much, this will mean so much to my parents, they will be over the moon. I look forward to getting a couple more done from you. Thanks again.

Chris Organ, Newfoundland and Labrador

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