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I just received the painting and it was done beautifully. Although it is difficult to paint a black dog, the characteristics of "Buddy" were portrayed so well. Also, the fact that you could take a backdrop and combine it with a separate photo of the dog (both at different scales) is amazing. You exceeded my expectations.....Great Job and thank you!

Stacy Harmelink , Iowa

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I received the painting of my friend and his dog the other day - I did not remove the clear plastic from the painting because I felt since this is my friends gift - he should do it. Also, I did not want to damage it before giving it to him. The painting looks fabulous - I am so excited to give this to him (his birthday is not until August) I don't think I can wait - it looks so good I have to give it to him now. You guys did an amazing job and I will be back. Your shipping was super, super fast - wow! Thanks so much!

Gail Burns, Arizona

I received the painting yesterday. I am very pleased with the painting. I have recommended you to several already. Thank You.

William Hodges, South Carolina

I received my painting yesterday and I am very pleased. I am especially glad that the whole transaction went smoothly and so quickly. This is a gift for my parents, the painting is of Charles River in Massachusetts where they met over 50 years ago but now they are not able to travel there. I know she will love it!

Joan Tumminello, New York

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